No Dirty Gold


The more you know, the less gold glows.

What is Dirty Gold?


Man scavenging among the wastes of Barrick's Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea

A gift of gold often symbolizes love, commitment, romance, and friendship.

Yet, gold mining is one of the most destructive activities in the world, and has been linked to grievous environmental, social justice, and human rights violations.

The severity of the environmental and social problems associated with gold production has generated an interest in finding alternatives to gold produced using harmful practices. This interest comes not only from environmental, human rights and social justice groups, but also from jewelry retailers, electronics producers, and individual consumers.

More than 100,000 consumers want jewelry retailers to stop dirty gold

Over 100,000 individuals from countries around the world have signed the No Dirty Gold pledge asking retailers to work to ensure that the gold in their products was not produced at the expense of local communities, workers, and the environment.

These conscious consumers are calling on jewelry and electronics retailers such as you to insist that the gold you are buying and selling is responsibly produced.

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