No Dirty Gold


The more you know, the less gold glows.

No Dirty Gold Holiday Gift Guide

You've probably come across many gift guides for the holiday season.

Many of these lists feature the latest electronic gadgets or a sparkling piece of jewelry.

You might be surprised by the high costs of extracting the metals they contain – felt not just by your wallet, but by people and the environment.

Check out the No Dirty Gold campaign's interactive gift guide: roll over the images below to learn about the true costs of some popular gifts of the season.

And think twice about putting poisoned drinking water, forest destruction, and violent conflict in that gift box. Or you just might get a lump of coal in your stocking.

Click any gift to take the No Dirty Gold pledge to end destructive gold mining practices.


Disclaimer: Product names used are intended to be illustrative. We do not claim to know the exact sourcing of specific products.

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