No Dirty Gold


The more you know, the less gold glows.

Campaign Allies

Around the world, mine-affected communities, grassroots organizations, and national and international organizations are working to end dirty gold mining practices.

The No Dirty Gold seeks to support these efforts and to collaborate with other like-minded organizations. 

If your organization supports the goals of the No Dirty Gold campaign, and would like to be listed as a campaign ally, please send an email

Campaign Allies

Alburnus Maior (Romania)
Alaskans for Responsible Mining (United States)
Asociacion Guarango (Peru)
CEE Bankwatch Network (Europe)
Center for a New American Dream (United States)
CAFOD (United Kingdom)
EARTHWORKS (United States)
FIAN (Germany)
For the Earth (Bulgaria)
FutaFriends (Chile)
Global Response (United States)
Great Basin Mine Watch (United States)
Hellenic Mining Watch (Greece)
Indigenous Justice Advocacy Network (Australia)
FoodFirst Information and Action Network (Germany)
Friends of the Earth Australia (Australia)
Friends of the Earth International (Netherlands)
Montana Environmental Information Center (United States)
Oxfam America (United States)
Oxfam Australia (Australia)
The Rainforest Information Centre (Australia)
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (United States)
Society for Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility, Memorial University Chapter (Canada)
Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (United States)
Tree of Life (Kyrgyzstan)
Wassa Association of Communities Affected By Mining (Ghana)
Western Shoshone Defense Project (United States)
Women's Voices for the Earth (United States)

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